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Oliver’s Lengthy Recovery

Precious Oliver, the little boy with Down Syndrome who recently had surgery for a complex heart defect, is still in the hospital under observation. His doctors tried to remove him from the ventilator but have not yet been successful in doing so.  (All photos here were taken prior to Oliver’s surgery).

Oliver continues to recover in the ICU. His little body has been through so much, and he still has a long way to go. The doctors have decided Oliver does not need additional surgery at this time, but they will be watching him closely.

Today, we received some encouraging news that Oliver’s spirit seems to be improving. His ventilator has been decreased to low frequency as doctors prepare to remove it this week. Oliver will have a chest X-ray exam tomorrow, and if the result is good, they will once again attempt to remove the ventilator.

Oliver’s recovery has been quite lengthy, and both he and his family have gracefully endured hardships, buoyed by our donors’ love and support. His father was able to be present for Oliver’s surgery but had to return home last week to care for Oliver’s big sister and tend to the spring farming chores. Oliver’s mom has taken a job in a restaurant during his hospitalization to help with the costs of having a child in the hospital. His mother has expressed her gratitude for the doctors and for LWB donors who have helped her son receive his surgery and also helped with her family’s expenses during this time.

Because of Oliver’s extended hospital stay, the costs of his care are increasing each day. Will you consider a donation in any amount to help with his continued care as he heals?

Please continue to keep Oliver and his family in your thoughts and prayers. His family is so grateful for everyone’s support and concern!

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