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Oliver’s Struggle

Oliver is a beautiful baby with Down Syndrome whose heart has been sadly failing. His impoverished mother traveled to several hospitals desperately searching for help but was turned away repeatedly. Several weeks ago, our wonderful community came up with the full amount needed for Oliver to have heart surgery through our Unity Initiative. This week, Oliver and his parents arrived at Children’s Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai to prepare for his big operation.

Despite running a fever, Oliver was all smiles as his relieved yet anxious parents played with him and were by his side.

Yesterday morning, Oliver went in for his surgery. The operation took seven hours instead of the expected five because Oliver’s blood vessels were difficult to repair. He is currently in the ICU, and his mom was able to visit him.

We are thankful that he made it through the first critical post-operative night, but Oliver is still struggling and this week is crucial. All good thoughts and prayers on his behalf would be greatly appreciated by all of us and by his family as well.

Baby Nina (pictured above) is in the same hospital as Oliver. Unlike Oliver, she does not have any parents waiting anxiously for news on her condition. She continually needs oxygen to breathe. Her heart condition is more complex than we were told, and doctors are still deciding whether she is strong enough for a first-stage banding procedure to be done. We would also greatly appreciate thoughts and prayers for tiny Nina as well.

Read more about Oliver and Nina here:

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