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Orphaned Student Support in Jinjiang

Orphaned Student Support is an additional all-year tutoring program for students from orphanages who need some extra help with their studies.

These students from our Orphaned Student Support program in Jinjiang have been working with their teachers on reading and writing. Each child works at his or her own pace to ensure that he or she is truly grasping the lesson of the day. They work individually as well as in groups. By giving them the tools they need to be successful in their schooling, the program allows each child to live up to his or her potential.

Even though they work very hard, the children enjoy learning and always are quick to give a smile for the camera. Join Kylie and some of her classmates on a little tour to see what they’ve been up to this spring!

Kylie gives us a smile as she enters school and hangs up her backpack.

Alex works diligently on his lesson for the day.  He is very focused on what he needs to do.

Daniel stops his lesson for a moment to give us a smile.

Ellie and Kylie get instruction from their teacher while Alex works quietly at his desk.

Classmates listen quietly as Beth reads them a story.

While the students work very hard learning math, reading, and writing, they always have time to be creative and have some fun! The students from Jinjiang made origami cranes and created some fun spring pictures. They celebrated the coming of spring by decorating colorful eggs. There are always lots of proud smiles when they finish these projects.

Carter works carefully on painting his egg.

Nice work, Charlie!  We love the colors of your spring picture.

Ricky outlining his picture before he colors it in.

Kylie proudly shows us her crane

Without the benefit of a family to support them, these children really need the extra nurturing and support that is provided through our Orphaned Student Support program. Thanks to the sponsors who truly believe in these children and in their potential!

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