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Our Heart’s Delight

“The term dim sum (dumplings are dim sum) literally means ‘Heart’s Delight’ ”* Did you know that before taking a trip, dumplings should be served to ensure a safe journey? These happy children have been on a journey for so long already in their lives. All of them became orphaned at some point.

Some of them, with the help of LWB, have traveled to hospitals and doctors to attend to medical issues—difficult journeys we wouldn’t wish on any child. Today they are on new and exciting journeys. Each child pictured is enrolled in a “Believe in Me” School in Jinjiang, Fujian Province, and they are making dumplings for the new year! Dumplings resemble ancient coins… so wishes for prosperity are being tucked right into the sticky dough.

Best of all, some of these children will journey to their forever families in this new year of the ox. As new daughters and sons, they have been strengthened in body, mind, and spirit from the experiences in their preschool classes. This is LWB’s “heart’s delight.” We thank all the sponsors and donors of this program that have made it possible.

*Cooking With Jie Jie: A Taste of Our Daughter’s Chinese Heritage. Available from The Jie Jie Foundation: www.jiejiefoundation.org

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