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Our Pediatric Surgery Mission in Uganda Continues!

In early September, we wrapped up our first-ever Pediatric Surgery Mission in Uganda in partnership with Holy Innocents Children’s Hospital by completing 187 surgeries. Another 123 children were added to the waiting list, however, and we were so grateful when our supporters stepped up to help them as well.

We want to share just a few of their incredible stories here with you as we celebrate that these children finally received long-awaited healing.

Dalton was born with a hernia and a deformity in his right hand. He also suffered birth asphyxia which has delayed his development. At three years of age, he is still fully dependent on his mother because he is unable to sit or walk on his own.

Dalton’s mother said, “This opportunity is a blessing to us because we had given up seeking medical help.”

Swahaafi has suffered from a hernia that has continued to grow for two years. His parents sought medical help with no success.

Swahaafi was so brave as he faced his surgery and smiled for our photographer! His family is thankful he will no longer suffer.

Five-year-old Kevin was born to peasant farmers in a remote area of Western Uganda. He was born with a hernia which has caused him a lot of pain which you would never guess from his sweet smile.

Kevin was taken to a local hospital where he was given medications but saw no improvement. Then, his parents were advised to visit an herbalist, but their son’s condition persisted. They heard about the surgeries taking place at Holy Innocents Children’s Hospital over the radio, and after coming to our Pediatric Surgery Mission, Kevin was able to have his hernia repaired at last.

Silver was born with a hernia and had surgery at a nearby local district hospital at one month old. After discharge, the hernia immediately re-occurred.

Silver’s parents sold all their animals to cover the costs of his first surgery and were not able to raise enough money for another attempted repair. His mom was full of thanks to LWB sponsors for paying for her son’s surgery!

Surprise was born with his abdominal wall covered by a thin membrane. This caused a great deal of pain, and he was unable to play or sleep well.

Surprise and his mother took a 2:00 am bus to get to the hospital in time for the surgery. His mother told us, “When we heard the announcement about the free surgeries, we quickly rushed to take our child to the hospital. My husband and I are teachers who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have not been earning for five months now, yet we have four other children to look after. God bless you, LWB, for my child’s new life without pain and swelling.”

Thanks so much to each and every donor who has given to bring healing to so many children!

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