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Our precious Ruby seeks a family

The Believe In Me Huianan Education program is honored to announce that nine and a half year old Ruby has been given a $3000 grant towards her adoption!

Ruby’s brilliant smile radiates friendliness. Her popularity among the children is a testament of her kindness towards every child at the SWI.

Like most young girls, Ruby loves to sing and dance, especially with her friends. She can be seen front and center leading her friends in song and dance in the Huainan Holiday video, which can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9ggVxf8eko&feature=channel .


LWB’s Huianan education team of teachers, sponsors and volunteers are most proud of Ruby’s serious intentions with her academics. She studies diligently, and her progress is always noted in quarterly reports. When class is over, she is the first to volunteer to stay and help the teacher clean and tidy up the classroom. Perhaps she is a future teacher in the making! Who knows? But we would like to help this fine young lady discover all of the possibilities.

Ruby was born with a birthmark on the right side of her face and may also be a Hepatitis carrier. Currently, her file is listed on the Agency/Shared Waiting list and her file is available for families considering adoption. To learn more about Ruby and the grant that will help bring her home, please contact adoptionassistance@lwbmail.com.

Karin Cooper is a volunteer for Believe in Me, Huainan. education team. She is a college professor and the mother to a 7 year old daughter adopted from Huainan.

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