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Our Son From China

Our son is a kind and lovely child. His life in the orphanage started two days after his birth.  He was a small, not so healthy little boy.  He was taken into care for 18 months in the orphanage itself.  As his special need is a cleft lip and palate, he was a child with feeding difficulties from the very moment he was born.

In October 2007, we became unofficially parents of our son, Nick. We soon came into contact with LWB. What a surprise to know he was in foster care. We knew this would be great for him. He would be growing into family life and learning skills and sharing feelings.

It must have been tough to leave and let go, after seven months in their care. We are sure that our son learned a lot from his foster family. After a rough and bumpy road in the first six weeks home, the four of us are creating a new family life together. What we see is a loving and sharing little guy, with twinkle eyes. He wants to learn and help where ever he can, playing with his sister as if he always has done that.

He now loves to cuddle and kiss and is no longer “scared” to stay with mommy. Because he had a great attachment to his big foster brother we think he held on to my husband so tightly in the beginning. He was not ready yet to give himself to his new mom, although I was allowed to wash and feed him right from the start. Really holding him was something else. He loves to have a grandma and grandpa whom he sees a lot. We are glad he shared foster care, it created an open door to us. He was exposed to family life and all the things that go with living in a family. He was loved during his stay and was helped through difficult times like during his second operation. Our son is finally home!

Yvonne Kervezee

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  • Sarah says:

    Aww I remember this little boy’s picture!!!!! Nick and my little brother Yong-yong must have been in foster care at the same time — http://lwbblog.com/?p=392 (Daniel Yong and his foster dad are in the bottom picture.)

    -Sarah from NH