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Our Star Lineup!

Meet the stars of the Henan Cleft Healing Home (HCHH)!

The only female currently is residence is Emma who is on the top left. This is a very uncharacteristically serious photo of Emma as she is usually our howler, whether laughing, giggling or crying. Being the only girl, she feels it’s her duty to bring a healthy dose of drama to each day!

Now for the boys. On the top row next to Emma is Colm, our most recent graduate. He had an enormous protruding cleft gum and we were quite concerned about complications with his surgery, but he defied our expectations and did great!

The boys in the front row are still in residence, trying to keep Emma in line. Neil, who has been experiencing some health issues, is on the far left. Next to him is Alex, who has been thriving since his surgery. Isaiah came to HCHH with a multitude of wrinkles; however, he is putting on some pounds and soon will be wrinkly no more! Last but not least is Eoin who has had some health difficulties but is gaining weight at a good pace.

Each of these precious babies enjoys the one-on-one care they get from the loving nannies at HCHH. They all seek their nannies’ attention and respond with joy. Wouldn’t you love to spend the day there getting to know our stars?

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