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Our Sweet Alarm Clock

There are many things that can used as an “alarm clock” in the morning besides a real alarm clock. If you live on the farm, it could be a rooster. If you live next to a neighbor with a dog, it could be its barking waking you up when the morning paper is delivered to their house. But can you think of a sweeter alarm clock than Nannie?

Nannie is just under a year old, but she likes to wake up bright and early for her first bottle of milk and her rice cereal. How could anyone resist this cute little girl, even at 6:30 in the morning?? She is an early riser!

This sweet little girl has been getting to know a new foster family, including a foster brother. I wonder how he feels about Nannie now that she has gotten over being quiet and reserved…. because when she tries to get something from him, she ends up the winner! She is a determined fighter!

When given some toys, at first she will pick up each toy to look at it, then shake it, and at last bang it or throw it away if she is not interested in it. She gets right down to business.

Now that is one lucky set of foster parents to have Nannie in their home…. and much cuter than any ROOSTER!!

Suzanne Damstedt
Shantou Foster Care Coordinator

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  • Sarah T says:

    One lucky set of foster carers, and I’m sure one very devastated mother. My heart goes out to this child and her real family.