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Our Top Ten Photos of 2012: Giggle Face!

Our #1 photo of the year, as chosen by our supporters, is giggly little Colin. This gorgeous baby was extremely sick when he came into our hands. He was born with a complex abdominal issue that required emergency surgery immediately after birth, but we were not called until he was over a week old. This photo was taken at our Heartbridge Healing Home when he was three months old, the first healthy month of his life. He was just starting to play with his hands, hold his head up, and look around the room – AND he had learned to charm all the nannies with his precious smiles and giggles.

We hope you have enjoyed this closer look at the photos that made us smile and touched our hearts in 2012. We feel honored to be the keepers of these precious records of the lives of these children and look forward to sharing them with their forever families one day!

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