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Our Top Ten Photos of 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, it is a perfect time to reflect back on the year’s highlights. Every year we go through thousands of pictures taken in our programs to bring you our much-anticipated Top Ten Photos.  As you look at the children’s beautiful faces, we hope you will realize our life-changing work is only possible because of your kindness and support. Please enjoy a few of our Top Ten Photos of 2017 and click here to visit our website to see them all!

Number Seven

When a child is born with the special need of cleft lip, parents can face a wide range of feelings. Almost every parent we’ve ever spoken with, however, tells us that they soon fell madly in love with their child’s wide-mouthed smile. When the day for corrective surgery finally arrives, many parents say it’s a bittersweet time to know they’ll never again see the same little face they’ve loved since birth.

This fall, LWB was honored to provide surgery for baby Sue, who was born with a broad unilateral cleft lip. We’ve included this touching photo in our Top Ten as it captures the emotional moment when baby Sue’s father saw his little girl with her new smile for the very first time.

Number Five

LWB’s Believe In Me schools offer education to children in both orphanages and rural villages who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to go to school. At our Believe in Me School in Anhui, we occasionally plan field trips to give the children an important opportunity to see the world outside the orphanage walls.

On a visit to a children’s museum in the provincial capital earlier this year, our students got a chance to be firemen, police officers, and more – but Paul and Chloe especially loved their time as nurses in the make-believe baby nursery.

Number Four

In 2017, LWB opened our very first Sibling School in Cambodia, a daycare program for babies and toddlers whose parents have left the region in search of work. When we learned just how many children weren’t attending primary school due to having to stay home and care for their younger siblings, we knew we had to create an innovative solution so that all the children in the village could finally receive an education.

We loved this moment caught between one of our Sibling School nannies and baby Alfred.  He’s not only loving the toys, nutrition, and attention he’s receiving each day, but his sister Sylvia can now attend elementary school full-time without having to worry about his safety.

Number Three

This year’s LWB Cleft Medical Exchange was a special week of transformative surgeries. Two-year old Carol was one of the children whose family traveled for hours to see our team.  We’ve included this gorgeous photo in our Top Ten this year, as we still hear from people who say they can’t look at photos of children whose lips haven’t been repaired.

Cleft lip is one of the most common birth defects on earth, and so we continue to hope that one day everyone will see that from the moment they’re born, children with this special need are truly beautiful.

Please click here to visit our website to see all of our Top Ten photos and enjoy the stories behind them.

Together we’re making a real difference for countless children around the world, and we send our deepest thanks.



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