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Our twigs are budding!

As a long-time subscriber to LWB publications and newsletters, I have read over and over again how lucky we are to have such wonderful caregivers, directors, teachers, and doctors in China for the children under our care. Now that I have spent so much time working with the cleft home, I can see just how true that really is. Our house manager, Zhang Ming, really is a gift–he is ready and willing to do anything our children need, and you can tell he really cares about the children in the process. I’m happy to report that I think he likes his job too! The weekly reports about the children often put things so eloquently, I’d like to just share an excerpt with you:

[The Chinese name of one of our little girls means flower] “So every time I see her, I feel that I am in a garden of early summer. Here we have fresh air, comfortable temperature. The little twigs are growing into branches, and are budding. They’re enjoying the nurturing of summer sun and rain. Dawn is just like a beautiful flower in this garden. She grows quietly. Only two months, we can see and feel her various emotions, happy, blue..”

Pretty beautiful (and happy!) flower, wouldn’t you agree?

Many thanks for your support, which helps us help our “twigs” grow into

beautiful “budding branches”!

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