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Our Very First Field Trip!

Do you remember the excitement of your first field trip ever? Our children at Believe In Me — Jinjiang just experienced that thrill when they left their orphanage and school walls for the very first time. For the past two years, we have been trying to get these children out on a field trip, but for a variety of reasons it never happened. Then, thanks to the generosity of some loving sponsors and the parents-to-be of Esther, one of our BIM-Jinjiang students, the first-ever field trip was made possible!

Esther and Cindy

It’s hard to imagine what the kids must have been thinking when the teachers and nannies put them on buses and drove them outside the orphanage’s wall for the first time ever! Accompanied by nannies, teachers, our China Nutrition Director Cindy, as well as Ellen and Lisa, the visiting OT/PT LWB volunteers, the children were thrilled to visit McDonald’s for lunch. Because of a glitch with the buses, Cindy took the kids to a mall across the street and let them play on the rides until their transportation arrived. Cindy was a wonderful help with this trip!

Esther and the BIM — Jinjiang gang at McDonald’s

We were so proud to hear that the children behaved perfectly and were so well mannered. What a joy to hear! LWB volunteers Marilee Gilmore and Judy Williams will be visiting the school in May and have hopes to take the kids out again for more field trip fun. We are looking forward to hearing about where these kids get to go next!

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