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Snapshots of 2014

On this very last day of 2014, we give thanks for all the lives changed this year because of your support. This week we’ve been reflecting on just how much we have accomplished together and have chosen a special moment from each month to highlight. Join with us in remembering a very remarkable year of hope and healing, and please know that none of it would have been possible without you.


In January, we celebrated the adoption of Emma Grace from our Huainan Believe in Me school program. Emma Grace was the 100th child adopted from this school, and we give thanks each and every time a child in our programs finds a permanent home.


In February, several new babies entered our healing homes program, where they were warmly welcomed by our nannies there. They all quickly got to know our resident ham as well. We loved this photo of Shane doing his very best photo bomb while Shelby was having her photo taken.


In March, we celebrated that Tim, one of the older kids in our higher education program, began his very first clinical rotation in medical school. We first met Tim in a Henan orphanage when he was 13 years old, and he told us he dreamed of becoming a doctor someday. We are so proud of this remarkable young man who has never lost sight of his goal.


April brought us another successful cleft exchange; this time in Henan province. Doctors and nurses from the US and China came together to help bring healing to babies and children born with cleft lip.

happy Emily

In May, we were able to deliver a very special walker to Emily in our Lanzhou Believe in Me school. Emily was born with a condition known as Brittle Bone Disease, and thanks to some wonderful supporters we were able to deliver the exact chair she needed to become more mobile.


June saw the arrival of baby Alan to our healing home. This gorgeous little boy was born with a heart defect and had severe jaundice. We are so grateful to our supporters who make these very special homes possible, as they provide the TLC and medical care that fragile babies need.


We loved this photo we received in July after two-year old Anthony received a special photo album from his forever family-to-be. He was pretty excited to see their pictures! Anthony lived in our foster care in Henan province, and we are so glad we could help him learn about family care before his adoption.

teachertraining2014 kids

In August, we held another special education teaching training for all of our teachers in our orphanage school program. Specialists from the US worked side by side with teachers in China, sharing ideas and building wonderful memories for the kids.


Little Mindy joined our foster care program in September, and quickly discovered how wonderful having a family pet can be. We opened foster care in her Gansu hometown this year, and we are so grateful to everyone who helps support foster care in China.


In October, we began our Cleft Initiative program, with the goal of getting essential cleft bottles (not readily available in China) into the hands of rural families. We began distributing bottles to maternity hospitals in several provinces, along with information on organizations there providing cleft surgery, with the hope that more cleft-affected babies will be able to stay with their original families.


We first learned about two year old Amanda in November of this year. This beautiful two year old was living in a southern orphanage with a severe heart defect. Her oxygen levels were only in the 60s, and she quickly became out of breath after any activity including drinking a bottle. We were able to arrange surgery for her in Shanghai, and were thrilled that she came through her heart operation with flying colors, bringing her oxygen levels back to almost 100%.


December arrived this month along with baby Jenn, who weighed in at less than 1 kg. Discovered outside on a below freezing night, we were able to rush this tiny preemie to the hospital for emergency care. Thankfully her body temperature and oxygen levels were able to be stabilized. Jenn is now up to almost 1.5 kg, and we can’t wait to see what the next few months hold for her.

We hope you have enjoyed a quick snapshot of some of the wonderful moments of the last year. On behalf of the thousands of children whose lives you have touched – we say THANK YOU.

From all of us at LWB, we wish you a beautiful new year and a blessed 2015.

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