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Out of Despair, a Chance for Hope

LWB’s Unity Fund began several years ago to provide critical medical care to children living in extreme poverty. Usually in this program, the government provides a portion of the surgery funds, the parents provide a portion, and then LWB provides the remaining funds needed for a child to receive surgery. We have said before that the families who contact us for this program are always desperate, and many times when our team members in China hear their stories, their hearts are burdened. Today we want to introduce you to a little boy named Ye Yu, whose father wrote us a letter this past weekend begging for help for his son.

Ye Yu is five years old and lives in a small village in the rural countryside of Anhui province. When he was born, it was discovered that he had a heart defect. His parents sold everything they owned and borrowed from everyone they knew in order to pay for his surgery in Shanghai. They still owe tens of thousands of RMB to repay everyone who helped their son with his operation. Sadly, Ye Yu has become quite sick again, and his current hospital bill has reached 100,000 rmb (over $15,000). The staff at Fudan University Children’s Hospital spoke with our manager and explained how desperate this family’s situation is. The father has been trying to get “shark loans” from black market lenders, but they are so poor that even this route is unavailable to them. In his letter to us this past weekend, the father said that he feels like he is losing his mind by not being able to provide the medical care his family needs. He ended the letter by saying, “You are our only hope.”

We have told the family that we cannot make any promises of funding for their son, but that we would let our wonderful supporters know about Ye Yu – and we could see what could be raised. If you would like to help this little boy find healing, you can make an online donation here — and we will pass on any comments of support received to this family in despair.

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  • chinalwb says:

    Marsha, we are thrilled to report that YeYu has been fully funded in just 7 days! The outpouring of love for YeYu and his family has been overwhelming. As soon as YeYu’s infection is under control, he will have surgery to replace two of his heart valves. Thank you for your care and concern for this family.

  • Marsha says:

    Has the funding come in for this little one?

  • Becky says:

    I am spreading the word on Facebook. I am very blessed to have adopted seven children, but part of the reason they were adopted is because their birth parents couldn’t afford to care for them. This father is struggling to do just this. I love the Unity Fund for taking up his cause. We’re praying for you Ye Yu!!!