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Out of the Woods

Last week we introduced little 8 month old Tyler who traveled 14 hours by bus with his nanny to come to the Cleft Home for the nurturing, individualized care that he needed to be able to survive with his cleft. When he arrived, he was immediately admitted to the ICU at Anhui Children’s to get treatment for dehydration, pneumonia, and failure to thrive. 


We received wonderful news that Tyler has been discharged from the hospital yesterday and is now back at the Cleft Home. He is still very weak and can only be fed 80 ml of formula every 3 hours. The nannies say that Tyler can easily get a swollen belly if he is fed more than 80 ml one time. He will still need to take the medicine to control possible infection.


Thank you to everyone who have remembered these children in your thoughts.  As you can see, Tyler is swimming in his clothing.  We put the word out that we could use some tiny preemie clothing for him and you overwhelmed us with your generosity.  Thank you!  

Look at those big feet!  I predict he will be the next Yao Ming of basketball someday!

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