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Overcoming Obstacles to Education in Uganda

Around the world, children facing medical needs often face insurmountable obstacles to education.  In Uganda, a child who falls ill or suffers an injury often must withdraw from school.

They may be in constant pain, either physical or emotional, or have to remain at home due to their illness. Sometimes a family must spend all of their money on medical treatment and medications for their sick child, leaving them with nothing for food and other basic necessities, let alone school tuition.

At Love Without Boundaries, we are committed to a child’s whole healing, and we believe in the transformative power of education. We are proud to stand by children and families to help open doors to a brighter tomorrow.

Many of you will remember Grace, who was treated for abdominal tumors. Her illness left her unable to attend school. With LWB’s help, she was able to return to the classroom after her treatment.  She has not only returned to school but has excelled to reach the top of her class.

Her siblings Rosemary and Hudson had never been able to attend school during this family’s health crisis. Now, thanks to our generous donors, we are honored to sponsor their education as well as Grace’s schooling.

Moses is another child whose medical condition made it impossible for him to attend school. He suffered with a painful hernia for 12 years before we learned of his condition and paid for his surgery.

We need the support of our partners to help him go to school for the first time in his life.

We say it often, but it can never be stressed enough: our work is only made possible by our amazing donors. Will you consider helping us this week to make it possible for children like Grace, Hudson, Rosemary, Moses, and many more to overcome obstacles and receive the education they so deserve?

Together, we CAN open doors to a brighter future for children in need!

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