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Pablo’s New Smile

Pablo was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate. When he entered LWB’s Starbridge Healing Home (SBHH) at two months old, he weighed just seven pounds.


Upon arriving at SBHH, Pablo was very weak and fussy, but under the love and care of his new nannies he started to eat better and gain much needed weight. He appeared much older than his reported birth date, and so his nannies started adding rice cereal to his milk, and he began to thrive. He began to receive daily exercise to help him get stronger in hopes that he could quickly have his lip repair surgery.

Pablo 11-11-13

Just a month and a half after his arrival, Pablo was up to 5.06 kg (11 pounds), and a double chin was appearing. But when he went in for surgery, the doctors did not like the sound of his cough, so the nannies began using nebulizer treatments to get him healthy. Finally in mid-November, Pablo was able to have his lip repair surgery.


Look at Pablo’s new smile! He is so handsome and loves showing off his smile as much as possible.


After surgery, Pablo became much stronger and got around great in his walker. Pablo doubled his weight in just under three months at SBHH. He can now play with toys by himself and let others know when he needs something. He loves to giggle and play and has been a bit spoiled by the Starbridge nannies.

Now that the time has come for him to move to the next adventure in his life, we know that Pablo’s nannies at SBHH will miss this cutie very much!

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