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Packing on the Pounds

In July we were notified about a little boy named Wen, who was 21 months old and weighed just 13.8 pounds. It seemed an open palate was making it very difficult for him to eat. He was so thin and just not thriving.

Yet, in spite of his difficulty he was described by his caregivers as a “… very gentle and lovely boy. He is shy but also likes to smile. He likes to listen to music. His hearing is very sensitive. He waves his hands once he hears music and shows a happy smile on his face. His language development is delayed and cannot communicate with people yet but can understand what you are saying to him.”

Fortunately we were able to quickly move him to LWB’s Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit where the child to caregiver ratio is just 3:1. With the extra attention, medical supervision, and access to cleft bottles, he was able to put on 5.69 pounds in just one month. The change in this child was almost too good to be true. When I visited Heartbridge at the end of September, I didn’t even recognize Wen. I was expecting a skinny little baby and instead was greeted by a hefty dude who filled up most of his crib. His caregivers told me that he ate so much and so fast that they were afraid he would pop! He was doing so amazingly well that he was able to be discharged from Heartbridge and return to his orphanage at the end of October.

I’m especially thrilled to report that Wen has found his forever family and will be united with them soon. Thank you all for supporting Heartbridge… where gaining weight is something to celebrate!

Wendy Petersen, R.N.
Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit Coordinator

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