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Pamela: Six Years of Foster Care

In 2009, Pamela was born with a cleft lip and palate. Within weeks, she was moved from her orphanage to our Anhui Healing Home.  This is a photo of her right after receiving her very first bath. Don’t you love those chubby cheeks?


Pamela quickly became very attached to her nannies at the home who continually commented on her twinkling eyes and sunny personality. In the summer of 2009, she underwent her cleft lip surgery with LWB. She went into the OR with her almost always-present smile and only looked a little bit surprised when she woke up from anesthesia with bandages on her face.


After she healed from her surgery, Pamela graduated to our Xiaoxian foster care program where she has lived ever since.  She and her foster sister Georgia are like two peas in a pod, going to the same local kindergarten and having a great time together.

Georgia and Pamela March 2014

pamela georgia cny

Pamela has always been a happy, active girl and is currently known as somewhat of a spitfire.


Now that she is in school, her spitfire attitude is causing her a few problems. We have been told that she needs to concentrate on her studies more!

Xiaoxian Pamela

Pamela’s friendly and outgoing nature has made her a very popular girl, and she has many friends in school and in the neighborhood. Every day after school she plays games and picks flowers with her friends.


Pamela lives with her foster grandma and grandpa and enjoys spending time with them. She and her foster grandfather are very close. They enjoy going for walks, talking, and just being together. They also enjoy taking care of the dog together!

Helping her foster grandmother is also something Pamela enjoys. During Chinese New Year, Pamela helped her clean the house and shop. They also made dumplings, pasted couplets and watched fireworks together — in addition to enjoying lots of special dishes!


Foster care has allowed Pamela to spend the early years of her childhood in a wonderful family setting and to experience the joys of being part of a community. She has clearly thrived being surrounded by so much love.

Thank you to everyone who supports foster care.  You are setting a foundation of bonding and attachment which will benefit kids like Pamela for a lifetime!

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