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Parachutes, Games, and “Good Night, Gorilla”

Four intrepid volunteer teachers are spending this week in Huainan, China, providing professional development to our teachers at LWB’s Believe in Me School there. This week, we are excited to share their adventures and insights with our supporters!

Wednesday morning the training team worked with the teachers on center-based teaching and why it is beneficial to all the students in the classroom. We also introduced the book Good Night, Gorilla, which was read to the children and became the focus of our center-based teaching. Each school will go home with a copy of the book in Mandarin, and we hope they will teach all of the children the story and activities they’ve learned this week.

It has been wonderful to the see the children light up as they participate in a variety of activities, and we know the centers are going to be a HUGE benefit taken back with the teachers from this year’s training.

Thursday morning, the teachers learned three new games to use with children: multi-tag, Mr. Fox, and Red Light Green Light. The children were laughing as they watched their teachers being taught how to play and to act it out.

The highlight of every day is the children. Their amazing, tiny faces look through the windows to observe us. Oh how they squeal and giggle when they get a wave from a teacher!

The kids are soaking up the afternoon group activities. The highlight on Thursday was when Ellen introduced the parachute games! Even little Zhou Zhou, who has been quiet all week, finally began smiling and enjoying the fun!

This week is going by way too fast for the training team.  Friday will be so very hard as it will be time to say goodbye. Lisa wrote, “While we came to China to share our experiences and teach the Chinese teachers about the joys of special kids, this trip has truly benefited us so much as well. It has really solidified our feelings about how amazing and wonderful it is to teach special children!”

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