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Passing the Torch

Meet one of our newest Heartbridge babies.  Lin was discharged from a hospital hundreds of miles from Beijing the morning of Aug 7th.   With the help of our very determined China staff we were able to find a way to get her to Beijing.  It was important for Lin to make it to Heartbridge to receive the careful rehabilitation she needs after spending the first two months of her life in and out of the hospital.  She was stable enough for the trip but still needed a lot of specialized medical attention. 

As you can imagine getting a train ticket to Beijing one day before the opening ceremonies was impossible.   Our China medical director, Richard, purchased a ticket for Lin and her Ayi to Tianjin, a city fairly close to Beijing with express train travel between. Richard then arranged for a personal friend of his to meet Lin and her Ayi at the train station and help her to get on the express train which takes only 25min to get to Beijing.   As the Olympic torch was making it’s way to Beijing, so was a precious little life with the help of so many.  Thank you!    


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