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Paulo Found His Smile

In August 2014, little Paulo came to the local orphanage in Jinjiang, Fujian after a traumatic disruption in his life. He was immediately welcomed into the Believe In Me orphanage school there.


Here is Paulo in the first days after his arrival—obviously a sad little boy, trying hard to make sense of his life.


Paulo settled into the classroom, and found love, support, learning and fun with his teachers and classmates.


Paulo is now a bright three-year-old student who enjoys coming to the Believe In Me school each day.


Paulo is very bright and creative, and knows his numbers from 1 to 10. As you can see, he gets along well with his classmates and teachers.


Being a part of the Believe In Me class has given Paulo the security to learn, grow, smile, and even reach out to classmates who need his help.


We are so happy that Paulo has found his smile again!

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