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Pearl Coming Out of Her Shell

Pearl 3.12
We would like to introduce you to Pearl from our Liuzhi foster care program. We first met her back in March 2011, when we visited her orphanage with the desire to set up a foster care program. She was very quiet and silently stared at us, watching everything we did. She would take things we held out to her, but understandably she did not want to make much eye contact with us or speak to us.


Pearl joined our foster care program later that year in August. At first she was very shy and would not speak to anyone. But slowly over the past few months, she has started to interact much more. At first it was just our program manager’s son who could make her laugh. Now she has a ready smile for our manager and even wants to be picked up when our manager visits. A few months ago we were able to buy her her very own wheelchair. Now just look at her!


She still doesn’t like to speak much, but we are sure she will start soon because she LOVES her toy telephone.


All of us in the foster care program love to watch how children go from being quiet and withdrawn to full of laughs and smiles once they settle in with a loving foster family. It is so easy to forget how simple things, such as accompanying mother to the supermarket, can be such a thrill for a child who has spent their days in an orphanage setting. We are so grateful to our wonderful foster families for making everyday things, once just a dream, a reality for our foster children, as well as to our wonderful sponsors for their support, without which none of this would be possible.

Pearlphone 5.12

The smile says it all!

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