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Pei Through The Years

Pei is a beautiful little girl who has been in LWB programs since she was just a tiny baby. When she first arrived to her orphanage, we enrolled her in our nutrition program so she could get the high quality formula she needed to thrive.


We followed her progress closely, and her nanny reported that she was a very curious little baby who loved to watch everything in the room. Before we knew it she had grown into a very healthy and active toddler.

As soon as she was old enough, Pei became part of our Believe in Me school program inside her orphanage. These schools serve children aged 2 and up and introduce the joy of learning, art, and music. Pei absolutely loved going to class each day. Her teachers told us that Pei was such an outgoing little girl, who especially loved morning exercise and singing.


She also loved to be the teacher’s helper, getting out supplies in the morning and even pretending to teach the other children herself. Pei had many friends in our classroom and learned new things very quickly.


The goal of all of our Believe in Me schools is to get as many children as possible ready to enter the public school system in China. We love when children can become active parts of the outside community versus being confined to an institution. For many orphaned children they don’t do very well in public school as they have no parents to encourage them or teach them good study habits. Our Believe in Me teachers help fill this gap, motivating their students to do their very best.


Last year we were so happy to enroll Pei in a local kindergarten in her community, where she has absolutely thrived. She was so excited to get her very first backpack, and all of her report cards have been filled with comments such as, “She respectfully talks to teachers,” and “She does all of her work on time.” Pei is building a foundation for a lifetime of education and learning thanks to our wonderful supporters. Because of your help, we will be with her every step of the way!

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