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Penny for Your Thoughts

Have you ever wished you knew what someone was thinking?  I know I have.  Sometimes we wonder what people think of us.  Sometimes we just like to know what someone thinks about different events in life.   Sometimes we can only guess at hidden thoughts, but at other times our thoughts are expressed by expressions on our faces.
Can you guess what a child is thinking on Christmas morning or when a child holds a ladybug for the first time?  Sometimes the best things in life are seeing something through a child’s eyes and experiencing a child’s joy and excitement showing on his or her face!

I wish we knew what this little girl Qiong is thinking!  When our manager visited this darling baby for the first time, it was feeding time. Qiong would hold her bottle with one hand and then would touch her ear or her chin with the other hand, while raising her eyebrow.  The nanny said she looked like a thinker.  It seemed that she was always thinking something when she was eating and looking at somebody.

I want to thank the many people who give their pennies to help little Qiong and other babies like her to have full tummies.  It is my hope that someday her thoughts will be of a mother and father sleeping in the room next door, of the pet dog outside, and of excitement over a remembered past Christmas that brings anticipation on another Christmas Eve.

Suzanne Damstedt
Nutrition Director

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  • Yoli says:

    What a tender photograph, I hope this beautiful child finds a family in 2009. Wishing you and everyone at LWB much love and happiness and success to keep doing what you are doing.