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Penny: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week


When we first met Penny, she was seven months old and weighed less than 10 pounds. Penny was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, which can cause difficulties with eating. However, she was also struggling with keeping food down, and her physician and her caregivers were not sure why.


Penny was welcomed into our Anhui Healing Home at the end of December 2014. Initially, she was somewhat weak and malnourished from struggling for so long to eat, and she still had difficulties with keeping formula down after taking a bottle. After several weeks of patient and consistent care from the nannies, Penny started eating more food and has been gaining weight ever since.


Penny’s caregivers report that she has turned into “a completely different baby” because she has made so much progress in the Healing Home! Penny enjoys tummy time and will hold her head up proudly. She has good trunk control and often reaches for items nearby when she is placed on her tummy.


One of Penny’s favorite pastimes is interacting with her caregivers. She has a brilliant smile and loves it when people talk to her.


Because Penny has been steadily gaining weight and has made so much progress, she will soon be ready to have her cleft lip repaired. LWB is making plans for Penny to eventually receive this important surgery so that she can continue to eat and gain weight. We already love the changes we have seen in Penny so far…imagine what a cleft lip repair will do for this vibrant little girl!

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