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Peter: Giving Back

Did you know that LWB is helping not only younger children in Cambodia but older teens as well through our Impoverished Student Support program? We want to introduce you to Peter, a wonderful young man who gives of his time and talents to help younger kids in his neighborhood have the opportunity to better their lives.

Peter is currently in grade 11 and lives with his mother and two younger sisters in a home where his mother is employed as a housekeeper. Every day, Peter rises at 5 am to help his mother prepare food for the household, take his sister to school, and water the plants around the home. He often arrives late to school and struggles at times to stay focused on his school work with so many home responsibilities competing for his attention.

Peter loves his volunteer work with the EASEL program where he has the chance to teach computer skills to children and receive English lessons with teacher Leng.

He also really enjoys the MERCY youth program where he has the opportunity to do outreach work with children in the surrounding rural villages. He visits them at weekends and teaches them about the dangers of trafficking and also about hygiene.

Peter hopes to become an agricultural scientist or business professional in the future so that he can give back to the people of his country.

Teens like Peter feel a lot of pressure to drop out of school and start working to bring in a few extra dollars to support his family. Peter seems determined to remain in school, however, and we want o do everything possible to help him get to college so they will have the chance to climb out of poverty.  A sponsor is needed to help cover the costs of Peter’s secondary school educational fees.

We are just getting to know this young man but couldn’t be more impressed with his potential and heart for giving back!

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