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Peter the Great!

Did you have a nickname growing up? Some names are definitely more endearing than others. My husband, for example had the name “Dog Tooth” thanks to his 2 older brothers…not exactly the type of name you want to keep during your dating years. When I read Jennifer Drake’s monthly update on a child in her Zhaotong Foster Care program, the first name that popped into my head was Peter the Great! Like all good heroes, despite deep sadness and hardship in his young life, Peter has the personality to persevere and to rise above circumstance and make something of himself.

Peter from Yunnan province is three years old and became an orphan a little over a year ago on July 29, 2007. Our Zhaotong Foster Care Manager, Zhu E’s first report on Peter showed a scowling child. She also reported that he disliked to talk and was always in a rage. He would often run out of the house and go hiding somewhere and was once found on a neighbor’s roof! Our hearts went out to this little boy who obviously was reacting to the pain of losing his parents.

Peter’s latest foster care report, one year on, shows a happy, smiling child and the comments from the foster parents say he is ‘happy and friendly’. He is hitting all his developmental milestones for his age except telling time. Not bad for a 3 year old! My kids couldn’t tell time until Kindergarten. Zhu E also commented about how politely he greeted her when she arrived at the house. Peter used to play alone but his latest report says that he has made some friends in the neighborhood and that he likes to play ball games with them. We are so grateful for his foster family who helped put a smile back on this little boy’s face. His paperwork is at the provincial level and hopefully by next year he will soon have a forever family of his own. The name Peter the Great suits him well!

Update: Today a family from Spain contacted us and informed us that they will be traveling to China to adopt Peter in 12 days. We are thrilled for Peter and his new family.

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