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Phillip: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

When Love Without Boundaries met Phillip, he was welcomed into our Heartbridge Healing Home feeling pretty lousy. Heavily jaundiced and suffering from a bad cold, Philip wore a deep frown most of the time.

Philip at intake

After just a few weeks of nanny love, nourishment and a chance to recuperate, Phillip started feeling much better. He learned to cry when he wanted to be picked up and cuddled. He learned that it was safe to make eye contact, intently looking into his nanny’s eyes when she spoke to him.

Philip makes eye contact

We noticed Phillip preferred to sleep with his head tilted to one side, and his back twisted somewhat to the right. He made it very clear that he did not like his head position to be straightened. It was discovered Phillip has torticollis and scoliosis.

Philip in Red

Phillip blossomed into a very interactive and responsive baby. In a short time, Phillip had gained enough strength so that he no longer needed to hold his head so rigidly tilted. He could turn his head from side to side and loved to play with fellow residents. He ate and slept well. And soon, his frown went away and Phillip delighted everyone with big, beaming smiles.

Phillip was ready to graduate from the healing home and move into a loving foster home.

Philip smiles brightly

Toward the end of 2015, just when it was time to move, a wonderful new foster care mom stepped up and opened her home to Phillip. Though this is her first time fostering, she is taking great care of Phillip. They are settling in very well together, and enjoying getting to know each other. We can see that Phillip is very happy and relaxed with her!

Philip and foster mom 1

We are so thankful that Phillip has this opportunity to experience family life. Short trips to the shops, watching and smelling his foster mom cook dinner, and on-demand cuddles in a family home are just what he needs now. This will likely be Phillip’s first time joining in the celebrations of Chinese New Year, and we can’t wait to witness the growth and development the new year will bring.

Phillip and Foster Mom

Philip is waiting for sponsors to help share the cost of his foster care. To see this little smile in your inbox each month, click here.

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