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Phillip: Still Fighting

Two months ago, we introduced you to a baby “superhero” named Phillip.

Phillip superhero 3.28.16

When Phillip arrived at the hospital in Shanghai, he was a chubby, active boy in need of heart surgery for a complex heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF). From the photos we saw, it was difficult to believe he was even sick!

Phillip zebra 2 3.16

We were confident that Phillip would sail through surgery and recover quickly. Sadly, Phillip has had multiple complications and has been in the ICU for the better part of two months.

Just this week, Phillip had a third surgery on his diaphragm to help him breathe more easily. Doctors are hopeful that he will be able to leave the ICU and recover on the regular ward of the hospital by next week.

We remain optimistic that this surgery will be the final one that Phillip will need for awhile. He truly has been through so much!

Phillip’s two-month hospitalization costs have far exceeded our original fundraising, and we are now looking at a hospital bill in the rather daunting amount of over $30,000. However, we are committed to supporting Phillip and giving this beautiful little boy every chance at the healthy, happy future he truly deserves.

Phillip Nanny2 3.16

We hope you will join us as we continue supporting Phillip through this health crisis until he is back to being that chubby, active boy we all fell in love with.  As we have seen in the past, when everyone comes together to help a child in need, miracles can happen.

His life is worth every penny!

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