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Physical Therapy Training for Shantou

One of the most memorable joys of parenthood is watching your child take their first steps. How proudly a parent shares that miracle with the world. Those first steps are steps out of babyhood and toward independence.


For children in an orphanage, especially children born with physical challenges like cerebral palsy, first steps are a struggle which require not only encouragement and opportunity, but a skilled caregiver. LWB has been partnering with a wonderful team of physical therapists who provide training to orphanage caregivers in the orphanage. We have received wonderful feedback from orphanage staff and directors about the quality of this training, and we have seen the improvement in the physical abilities of the children in those orphanages. Thanks to the generosity of donors, we recently provided PT training to the Pingliang staff (read more about that project here).

\PT Shantou

The caregivers learn not only the techniques that will help individual children currently in their care, but they then know how to care for children with different challenges for years to come. They learn not only strategies for children with cerebral palsy, or limb differences, but they develop confidence in themselves that they can be the key to helping this child reach their greatest physical potential.


The improvement in the children is nothing short of extraordinary. Children who spent days sitting in a crib can now stand and eventually walk. Children with formerly rigid hands can now reach toys. Babies who could only lie in a crib quickly develop neck and core strength to pursue a toy today, lunch tomorrow and an education in the years to come.


Thanks to donors, we were able to provide the first set of classes to caregivers at Shantou Orphanage in Guangdong. The orphanage staff has been using those skills everyday and are now ready for more! We would like to be able to send the PT trainers in for a second round of more intensive training. A full PT training session costs $3,000 US. No donation is too small to help us meet this goal. Every donation helps us move towards helping one more caregiver become more confident in their ability to help a child, and helps one child become closer to physical independence and confidence.

Donors will receive report about the Shantou training both in the weeks ramping up to the training and afterward when we will see the results in the children.


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