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The picture to the left was one of my favorite ones during our cleft mission last year. I loved the ten little toes peeking out from the surgical drape, and I loved knowing that the child on the operating table was getting a brand new smile.

This week we got another photo of some precious “piggies” that I wanted to share. This one was of a tiny little girl who had surgery in Shanghai. This time when I looked at those tiny toes, it struck me that the children we provide surgeries for are too little to make any decisions on their own….and so it is essential that all of the medical decisions we help make for them are the right ones.

For some reason when I saw this latest photo, it reminded me of the word “trust”. The orphanages and foster families have placed their trust in us that we will provide the absolute best medical care possible to the babies in their care. We take that very seriously and make every decision as if it was our own child on the OR table.

We want every child we help to become strong enough to have their own mom or dad someday…a mom or dad to play “this little piggy” on those oh so wonderful tiny toes.

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