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Table Tennis

LWB loves following the kids in our education programs.   While we often provide tutors for after school studying, to make sure the kids stay academically on track, we also love seeing them at play.  Yesterday I received a photo of this Kaifeng student doing just that.  His report said that when he gets home from school his favorite pastime is to play table tennis.  Knowing how dominant China is in the world of table tennis, I thought I’d ask Stephanie, our Henan Regional Director, about children in this sport.
Non professional tables, like pictured in this photo, are common for outside play.  Made of stone, you will find these tables at primary schools.  There are two stone tables at the Kaifeng Social Welfare Institute.   You should note that even the net is made of stone.
Table tennis is the most popular sport for primary school children.  Boys are generally more interested than girls, but Stephanie is quick to point out that the most popular female star in this sport, Deng Ya Ping, is from Henan.
No wonder that China excels in this sport!

Missy Ridley

Education Director

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