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Piper — Personality Plus!

Piper 8.15

Four-year-old Piper from our Sanmenxia foster care program has grown by leaps and bounds in the past four months that she has been with her foster family. Piper lives with her foster parents and younger foster brother Quentin, whom she absolutely adores.

Piper Quentin 7.15

The two of them are very sweet together and enjoy playing side by side. She is said to be happiest when playing with Quentin or when she is eating a snack!


Piper is now described as confident and comfortable in her foster home. She knows where all the snacks are and can access them on her own. She also knows where all of her favorite toys are to play with. Piper has been working hard on walking for longer and longer periods of time on her own. She also has been learning new words. Her foster mother commented that is so wonderful that Piper has Quentin as she practices talking to him!


We are so happy that Piper has gained new skills and strength since entering foster care.

Piper3 8.15

Piper is diagnosed with strabismus and Down Syndrome and is truly rocking her extra chromosome.We were also happy to hear that Piper’s adoption file is prepared and she is now waiting to be matched. She also has an adoption assistance grant of over $4,600 available through Reece’s Rainbow (where she is known as “Shari”).

It is our hope that Piper will continue to have more successes in foster care until she is able to be adopted!

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