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Playground Portraits

Wouldn’t you just love to play with these happy children at the Believe in Me school in Jinjiang? Thanks to Raising Hope International, the children at our school have been enjoying this amazing playground since the summer of 2008, right after the students moved into our new facility.

In good weather, the students spend time on the playground every day. A sponsor provided regular shoes (as opposed to the slippers they wear inside) for the children so they could go outside in the colder weather to play, too. This past summer, the children enjoyed additional playtime outside because their teachers felt that they needed more large motor activities. You can see that this was no hardship for anyone!

These children once dreamed of going to school to learn, make friends, have fun and smile the way they are smiling in these photos. Thank you to each and every sponsor, donor and supporter of the Believe In Me school in Jinjiang who made this possible.

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