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Now there’s a happy girl!

Becca, one of the oldest babies in the home, continues to progress very well. She can wave hello and good-bye, and seems to understand when people are talking badly about her. She also knows what she wants, and is pretty adamant that things are done her way! For example, when she’s tired, she doesn’t like for anyone to disturb her. One time, she was yawning and rubbing her eyes in her bouncing chair when Kyle, seated next to her started to cry. As he got louder and louder, Becca protested by reaching over and pushing him away. As soon as the nanny moved Kyle away, Becca fell right to sleep. Now that’s a woman with a mission!
Now she can also sit up on her own, and is starting to stand a little bit. She loves to be around people, and has chosen Zhang Ning as her favorite nanny. People say that she can even tell when Zhang Ning is approaching by listening to her footsteps! Becca likes to be carried by Zhang Ning whenever she is around, even if she’s doing chores. One day she was so persistent that they tried strapping her into a baby carrier so that Zhang Ning could continue to do the chores AND keep Becca happy. But…Becca didn’t seem to like that idea too much!

Becca and Paddy
(cleft home assistant manager and the husband of her Zhang Ning, her favorite nanny)
In the first picture Becca looks half way content…
in the second one, she doesn’t look too thrilled!


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