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Prayers for Baby Faith

At the end of February, we were contacted by a rural orphanage in Anhui.  They had just taken in a  newborn baby girl with a spinal tumor that had most likely ruptured during her birth.  Our medical program team moved her immediately to a hospital in Shanghai, and surgery was performed right away.  We knew that she would need many prayers, as once a tumor has broken open, the risk of serious infection is high.  We were cautiously optimistic when she came through surgery well, and her first reports were positive.

Sadly, Faith’s incision did become seriously infected the following week, and as the infection spread it began impacting other body systems.  Doctors started her on a strong course of antibiotics, and she continued to fight for her life.

We were then notified that little Faith had developed Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a serious and potentially life threatening infection.  She was isolated from the other babies while doctors did everything possible to bring the infection under control. 

Today her surgical site looks a bit better, but doctors have told us that the biggest worry is whether she can beat the infection in her bloodstream.  More powerful antibiotics are being used, but her appetite has declined and her test results are concerning.  We would appreciate any and all prayers for this tiny little girl who has only known a hospital for her first month of life.  Baby Faith needs every good thought sent her way.  Thank you all for caring so deeply about these beautiful children who all deserve a second chance at a healthy life.


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