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Prayers for Luna

Last month we learned about a baby from southern China with complex heart issues. Her orphanage had arranged for her to be seen in Beijing, but the surgeons there felt the little girl was inoperable, and so with that very sad diagnosis, they sent her back home.

luna orphanage

LWB is fortunate to partner regularly with the Children’s Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai, and so we offered to have Luna seen by the expert heart surgeons there. She arrived to the hospital extremely weak, struggling to feed because even that simple act would exhaust her.

luna sleep

Luna underwent a heart cath late last week, to determine whether or not the surgeons in Shanghai felt her heart could be repaired. She struggled through the procedure, and when her vital signs slipped she was moved to the ICU.


We learned on Friday that the surgeons felt she did quality for a BT shunt procedure. This is a palliative procedure which doesn’t actually correct the heart defect, but it often improves the pulmonary blood flow and oxygen levels, helping the child to survive until they are older and can undergo a more intricate operation. For orphaned children with complex heart defects, the BT shunt can often “buy them time” to be adopted, where they can then be followed closely by a cardiac team who would come up with the best plan moving forward.  We were absolutely thrilled at the news, and surgery was set for this past Monday.

luna waiting

Sadly, on Sunday night, Luna went into respiratory distress and her oxygen levels plunged dangerously low. She actually had to be placed on a ventilator in the ICU, and doctors then determined she was extremely sick with pneumonia. Even on the ventilator, her oxygen uptake levels are only at 67%. Obviously Luna’s surgery was cancelled, and now we wait and worry while she struggles to overcome this new health challenge.


Luna has struggled since birth with this complex heart issue, and we were so very close to surgery, only to have it be stopped.  We are all hoping the pneumonia can be controlled and that she can go on to get the procedure she needs to survive.

Luna also needs supporters to join her team.  Currently less than 10% of the amount needed for her hospital care has been raised.  Donations in any amount will help cover Luna’s hospital care and, of course, are greatly appreciated.

We are grateful for every positive thought and prayer sent Luna’s way. Keep fighting, little one!

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