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Precious Pearl

Pearl is, like her namesake, beautiful, rare, and precious.


And very much like a pearl, she is a hidden treasure of the Waiting Children Program. Six years old, Pearl is living with a loving foster care family in Guizhou, but she is still waiting patiently for a family to call her own.



Quiet and reserved, Pearl enjoys books and drawing pictures.


Her nimble hands compensate, to a degree, for her lower limb paralysis, a result of post-operative surgery and spina bifida.


Not one to let her disability define her, she shows a gentle determination to do what she can. She is able to independently get around the rooms in her home and negotiate the internal stairs, and she can for the most part, dress herself.

Pearl and friend in a tree March 2014

Like all six year olds, Pearl loves to play, and she particularly enjoys time spent playing and sharing her toys with her cousins. When there has been a younger foster sibling in the household, she has been happy to help feed and to play with them.

Mmmm delicious!

She also likes things to be neat, so is careful to put her toys away.


Pearl is a young girl of great worth and so precious and just waiting for her family to find her.

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