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Preparations for the Teacher Training Trip

What an exciting time as volunteers in LWB’s Education Program are preparing for our July Teacher Training trip to Huainan in Anhui province! Since April the teachers going on this trip have been meeting by conference call every two weeks. The talents of these volunteer teacher are so inspiring to me. I am always in awe of the ideas being shared and the knowledge of the teachers in our travel group. As we get to know each other and as we get closer to our trip, our group is blossoming and opening up.

We have begun developing our workshop topics, with each of us contributing from our specialty areas. Some of the topics include pre-writing skills intervention ideas, gross motor sensory issues, ideas for teaching children with low vision or who are blind or deaf, transitioning between activities and classrooms, and classroom management. We are planning to sharing these and other ideas with the teachers in China.

In the last six weeks we have begun compiling a list of items that we feel would benefit the teachers and especially the students. Donating towards these items is a very tangible way in which LWB supporters could help our teacher training to be successful. Some of the items on the list are Time Timers and mini trampolines. The trampolines need to be purchased in China, but the Time Timers would be purchased in the U.S. prior to travel.

I know that I and the rest of the teaching staff are honored and excited to represent LWB on this trip. Please consider making a difference for children and their world around them by making a donation to help with this endeavor. It’s a gift that will make a real difference to the lives of the children in LWB’s Education Program!

~Lisa Wanless is one of the volunteer teachers preparing for the 2012 Teacher Training trip.

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