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Pride in a Job Well Done

We love the look on sweet JD’s face in this photo — the look of pride in a job well done! This precious young boy from Hunan had a rough start, but he is doing well in both school and life. JD’s family is quite poor, and so LWB sponsors have helped by providing rice, cooking oil, and clothing, in addition to a tutor. This summer JD’s tutor was able to use his time off from formal school to teach him some wonderful “life lessons.” For example, JD now knows how to help his grandma wash the clothes…

cook vegetables and make rice…

and, of course, clean up after dinner! Imagine the pride that JD is feeling in his amazing accomplishments this summer. Teacher Tao told us that learning to use the outdoor wood burning furnace was not easy for JD, and that many times he burned the vegetables and they had to be thrown away. However, this smart young man soon learned to control the heat of the fire, flipped the vegetables, and cooked them correctly — and the family ate them for dinner!

We invite you to take a look at JD’s grandma’s face in this photo. Is that not the most precious look of joy, combined perhaps with a touch of relief, that there is a young man in the house who can help her with some chores now? We are so happy for this family and are so thankful for their sponsors. If you would like to also help JD and his family, we would be most grateful!

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