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Princess Lilian

Exceptional beauty and poise have earned Lilian the nickname “Little Princess” from the nannies at our Anhui Healing Home.

Lilian 10.15

Found as a very tiny preemie, Lilian was rushed to the hospital where she soon began to thrive.

Baby Lilian

Since coming to her royal kingdom (also known as our Anhui Healing Home), Princess Lilian’s charm has put an almost magical spell over everyone she meets.


She even smiles in her sleep!

Lilian sleeping 5.15

Princess Lilian has grown very attached to her nannies and is purposefully affectionate when being held. Her loving nannies eats up every minute, of course!

Lilian nanny 8.15

Lilian sneezingEven princesses have to sneeze once in awhile…

This princess makes her orders loud and clear with her cries. If her bottle isn’t ready right when she wants it, the entire kingdom hears the wrath of her screams. Luckily, her nanny’s soothing voice is the magic that breaks the spell!

Lilian summer 2015

We recently spotted Princess Lilian being wooed by the oh-so-charming and debonair Prince Phillip of the neighboring kingdom, Heartbridge. We wonder what will come of this budding romance?

Lilian Phillip 9.15

It is of course our fondest wish that Princess Lilian will live happily ever after!

lilian 2

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  • chinalwb says:

    Hi Sharon! LWB is not an adoption agency or affiliated with a specific agency, but we do sometimes advocate for children in our care who are having difficulty finding a family. Although not every child in our care will have the chance for adoption, we certainly advocate for the orphanages to file paperwork on as many as possible to give them that opportunity. We hope Lilian will have that opportunity soon! We invite you to email our Adoption Advocacy Team at adoption@lwbmail.com and hopefully they can help answer any additional questions. Best wishes to you!

  • Sharon says:

    Is Princess Lilian available for adoption? Can you please email me her status and any next steps?