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PT Camp Beginning in Guizhou

For the past few weeks, our blog, LWB Community, has been unavailable; however, we are happy to report that it’s working again! Today we’d like to repost some blogs from the past few weeks that were published on the main Love Without Boundaries website (lovewithoutboundaries.com). We’d like to thank our readers for their patience.

For the last several years, LWB has been blessed to have teams of PTs and OTs who have been willing to travel to China at their own expense. These dedicated professionals hold “therapy camps” for orphanage staff who wish to learn how to best care for their children with special needs. This year’s camp is being held in Guizhou province, with Michelle Murphy, Lisa Hoffman, Julianne Murphy, and Cindy Wu making up the team. The Zhongshan orphanage in Liupanshui has agreed to host the camp.

Early Saturday morning, our team started the day in Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou Province. After a quick walk to the Wal-Mart from some last minute supplies, they then met up with several staff members from the Guiyang orphanage who would be traveling with them to the training. But the first logistical issue was getting all of their supplies onto the train to western Guizhou! For anyone who has traveled by train in China, you know that the train stations often have multiple layers of stairs to navigate, and the crowds are extremely large. Our team had three large duffle bags full of therapy supplies, one suitcase full of braces and sneakers, and one pediatric walker in a box with more braces, and then their personal luggage as well! Thankfully Cindy was quick to hire three porters to carry the nine pieces of luggage on bamboo poles up a long flight of stairs and onto the train.

Michelle wrote that the train ride through the mountainous countryside of Guizhou was breathtaking. Once they arrived in Liupanshui, they were warmly met by local officials. This first part of their PT training will be for 20 staff from six orphanages in the province. More news on this important trip soon!

Amy Eldridge, Executive Director

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