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PT camp – final day with the kids

It was our final day for working with the children at the orphanage. We saw 5 children. One little boy with big eyes loved to dance, play and took me outside to watch him slide. We have named Tingting the tickle lady because she knows just the right spot to make every child laugh.

We had time before lunch to go through the materials at the orphanage such as toys and positioning equipment. We were able to show the staff ways to use the toys. They seemed very excited and receptive. We took a photo with the large bunny in the courtyard of the orphanage. They had us take our picture with Mr. Changde–the very cute little boy in the picture from the first day. We were very sad to see Dr. Zhang leave after lunch. She was a tremendous resource and I really enjoyed getting to know her!

The last child we saw was a precious little girl. She was very playful and gave us all kisses before we left. She made us all smile a lot. In the evening we met up with Reika (the Changde LWB facilitator), and ventured out and ate at McDonald’s, souvenir shopped and went to the supermarket to buy containers for the toys at the orphanage. Tomorrow we will have a busy day teaching the staff and setting up activities. I look forward to seeing all of the children again before I leave. This has been a wonderful experience!!

Angie Boisselle

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