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Qi: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Meet Qi! He is a sweet, tiny boy who just joined LWB’s Believe in Me Huainan School last fall upon turning age two. Qi is in a preschool classroom with other students his age. He is adjusting well to his new school and is making many friends. Qi’s teachers have worked hard to help Qi build his cognitive, emotional, and physical skills.

Qi stays busy exploring all of the things a typical two-year-old might enjoy, including dressing up in fancy costumes! He is learning the important skills of how to take turns, share, and work in a group. The school is a magical place where Qi receives the encouragement and support needed to build his self-confidence through age appropriate activities.

Since Qi is relatively new to our school program, he has not yet had sponsors. As a result, the first person to sponsor Qi will receive the privilege of giving him his Western name. Your sponsorship will give this young boy a solid foundation and help change his life forever. Do you have a name picked out for this beautiful child yet?

Your monthly donation of $25 will afford Qi the opportunity to stay in an environment that fosters learning, sharing, and exploring. He will continue to receive the love and attention every child deserves. As Qi’s sponsor, you will be sent quarterly updates highlighting his progress, as well as new photos of this darling boy.

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