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On April 2, a tiny infant was found abandoned at the gates of an orphanage in Jiangxi, severely malnourished and dehydrated.  With him was a note from his birthparents.

Quinn intake 4.4.16Quinn upon intake into the hospital

The birthparents’ note said that Quinn had been diagnosed with a metabolic disorder as well as a malformation of the colon. The concerned orphanage staff called us right away and asked if we could help save his life. Thanks to our Emergency Medical Fund, we were able to say “Yes!” and rushed baby Quinn to a top pediatric hospital in Shanghai for emergency treatment.

Quinn was immediately placed in an incubator and given IV fluids. He was very unstable, and we were just hoping that he would have the strength to survive.

Quinn 2 4.11.16

It’s been nearly ten days now, and we are happy to report that Quinn is now stable. Doctors have confirmed a diagnosis of megacolon and will now determine the best course of treatment for this tiny warrior.

Quinn’s birthparents obviously cared about him enough to get him to a hospital, but somehow he ended up abandoned, extremely malnourished, and alone. What a very different story this could have been if Quinn’s family would have known there was help available through our Unity Initiative. Designed to help families who are unable to afford medical care for their babies, our Unity Initiative can help families remain together in situations like this one.  We wish that Quinn could be reunited with his birthparents but know from experience that this is a very unlikely scenario.

Quinn 4.11.16

When Quinn becomes more stable, he will most likely need special formula to help him reach a healthy, normal weight for a baby of his age. This formula is effective but extremely costly. Thankfully, our Nutrition program’s Preemie and Special Formula fund will be able to provide this formula to help get Quinn to a healthy weight.

Quinn 4.13.16Quinn sleeping peacefully nine days after entering the hospital

We are so very grateful to everyone who supports our Emergency Medical Fund, Unity Initiative, and Preemie and Special Formula Fund as YOU make it possible for us to help babies like tiny Quinn.

Alone no more, Quinn now has many people in his corner ready to cheer him on as he fights to gain strength.

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