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Rays of Hope for Orion

Sometimes, it takes a little sister to bring out your silly side. Four-year-old Orion has experienced some trauma in his past and is new to our foster care program. He seems to be naturally quiet and reserved, but on a recent visit our Cambodia director recently found a way to coax the smiles out of Orion — thanks to his new foster sister Ivy!

Here, Ivy (who clearly is feeling pretty confident and comfortable) decides to photobomb her big foster brother.

How could he resist smiling?

Orion’s parents both passed away when he was younger, and he went to live with his grandmother in Thailand. However, his grandmother recently died as well, and Orion was left all alone as an orphan.

Ivy and Orion first came to live together as foster siblings in January, and at this time they were still getting used to each other. Orion was not accustomed to being around children, but he is slowly learning to make friends and have a sibling.

Thanks to his new foster family, Orion now has routine, regular meals, clean clothes and a shower.  While we don’t know everything Orion has experienced in his short life, we believe strongly that he has lived through serious trauma, as he rarely smiles and won’t speak with any adults, including his foster mom.  When he first arrived, he suffered from nightmares. However, we are now starting to see tiny rays of hope come back into his life, as he has started speaking to the other children in his foster family.

Orion needs a sponsor to help support his foster care placement. Monthly photos and reports are of course just one benefit to gain from sponsoring him. The main benefit is knowing that you are making a real difference in the life of a child in need!

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