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Reaching the Children Who Live in Hard Places

At LWB, we often work in regions that are challenging. Our projects in the border region of Cambodia are in an area known for trafficking, addiction, gambling, and crime. Children here are often afraid to trust…that they will be safe, that there will be food at home, that they will get a chance to go to school versus having to drop out to endure child labor.

The first year we worked in this region, the children and teens were understandably wary of our intentions. They had seen so many groups come in and make false promises. One teen even asked us when we would pull out to go to the “nicer” areas of Cambodia like so many other charities had done.

I can’t even tell you how many people who know Cambodia well have asked me in all seriousness, “Why would you try and work THERE? Nothing in that region is easy.”

Well, we’re not about easy. LWB is about reaching the children who live in hard places.

On one of my trips to the region, I sat in an LWB classroom with a group of young people who didn’t believe anyone would ever really stand beside them, and I gave them my word that we would do everything in our power to help them have a better life.

I don’t want to break that commitment. I believe there are enough good and caring people out there to ensure that these children have the ability to have big dreams for a brighter future.

Here is the worrisome reality, however. Our Cambodian education programs are running at a deficit. To ensure that these amazing children aren’t let down in the future, we must grow our support base for these crucial projects.

I sure would appreciate you sharing this blog with anyone you know who believes in the power of education. We’ve seen so clearly that our Cambodian programs are impacting not only the children but their entire communities as well. When you stand in our schoolyards in these rural villages of metal shacks and dirt roads, you can actually FEEL the excitement and renewed hope. It’s an incredible thing, and I’d love so much if you become part of it.

Let’s show the children in this region that people around the world really do believe in them and will stand by them. Please consider a sponsorship or one-time gift today.

With so much gratitude,

Amy Eldridge
Chief Executive Officer

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