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Red Thread Sisters

Good news! A new adoption book for older readers is now available! Carol Antoinette Peacock, author of Mommy Far, Mommy Near, has just released Red Thread Sisters (Viking/Penguin, 2012). It’s a poignant page-turner about eleven-year-old Wen, who is finally adopted but must leave her best friend, Shu Ling, behind. Wen promises Shu Ling she’ll find her a family of her own in America. But time is running out.  Can Wen keep her promise?

Based on the author’s experience, Red Thread Sisters is a story about the power of family, the bonds of friendship, and challenges of adjusting to a whole new life. The book is geared for readers nine and up, but teens and adoptive parents have loved Red Thread Sisters too. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Love Without Boundaries.  Visit www.carolpeacock.com for reviews, a trailer, and more.

Carol Peacock and her family

Suzanne Damstedt, LWB’s Nutrition and Orphanage Assistance Director, shares her thoughts about and experiences with this book on her blog. Please be sure to check it out as it might be a perfect addition to your holiday wish list!

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  • fanniewilks says:

    I picked this up a few weeks ago to read with my 7 year old, but after deciding to read the first chapter as a preview, I was hooked! It’s a well written story that made me cry for the children left behind… I highly suggest it!!